I filmed and edited this video in 2014 at the School of Engineering for

the unveiling of the Jayhawk Motorsports cars for their sponsors, friends, and families.


This quick teaser video is one I shot and edited for the Jayhawk Motorsports team.


One of my first projects for The Agency, a student-run advertising agency,

was to storyboard, art direct, and film a documentary for the University

of Kansas’s School of Music.


Confabularryum is a community festival focused on creativity, making,

and exploring. This is a teaser video I filmed and edited for the making

of the festival’s sign that will be present at all future Confabularryum festivals.


As mentioned previously, Confabularryum is a community festival focused

on creativity, making, and exploring. I filmed and edited people from the

community participating in the creation of the sign for the festival.


As an intern for Callahan Creek, I along with two others filmed and

interviewed a number of Callahan Creek employees ahead of the unveiling

of their new website. This is sort of a recruitment video for prospective employees.


Another recent video I edited (but did not film) for Callahan Creek

was a case study on Westar Energy.